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Un mari à  la porte
Jeudi 06 Mai 2010
It was June the 22th in 1859 that this "opérette" in one act was
the first time shown in the theater of "Bouffes Parisiens".

The writing of Jacques Offenbach is very good, there are a large
quantity of nice "musical piece" quick, spiritual, and elegant.

The story :

During the night of her wedding, Suzanne finds the way to bick wis his husband,
Henri Marter, and lock down furiously in her room with her friend Rosita.

Falling from the roof to the fireplace's conduit of the recently
bridgegroomed lady, a young man, Florestan Ducroquet, comes to disturb the
confidences of the two ladies. Surprised at the beginning, they try to help
the young poet to leave the place without drawing the attention because now,
the most important thing is to preserve the honor of the young wife.

However, Suzanne's room is on the third floor and there is only one outcome,
the door where is her husband, Henri Marterl, bailiffer charged to recover Florestan's

The husband is loosing is patience because he stood in this room for too long and
he has now to join his wife. The confusion reigns and the situation becomes intolerable
in the room. A solution has to be found as quick as possible.

How everybody will manage to extricate itself from this inextriquable situation ?
You will have the leisure to discover it by coming listenning those awesomes sheets
of music composed by Offenbach which one's said at his time he was the Mozart of
the Champ Elysées.

Distribution :

  • Suzanne : Valerie Cantard ou Magali Klipffel
  • Rosita : Claire Baudoin
  • Florestan Ducroquet : Didier Claveau
  • Le Mari : Michel Ballan

  • Mise en scène : Daniel Darc
  • Piano : Philippe Lamouroux

    Dates :

  • Mercredi 11 Août 2010 - 21h00
  • Vendredi 13 Août 2010 - 21h00
  • Samedi 14 Août 2010 - 21h00
  • Dimanche 15 Août 2010 - 21h00

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